This game was originally intended as an entry for Ludum Dare 36: Ancient Technology. It got actually built after the jam and never made it as an entry. As much as we play Pokemon:Go, the point of the game is sort of silly and it gets repetitive quickly. Hence this parody game.

Just as you thought Pokemon:Go couldn't get any more exciting, we bring you the stone-age version.

The game includes:

  • Absolutely pointless and mind-numbing up-leveling
  • Visit Rockestops to gather throwing rocks, throwing leaves and throwing sticks
  • Visit Caves to train your pet rocks – throw your rocks into the cave to see them not do much of anything
  • Do some walking about and find pet rocks!
  • Play "rock, leaf, stick" to catch pet rocks (rock breaks stick, leaf wraps rock, stick punches through leaf)
  • Cutting edge graphics, including but not limited to: hand-crafted 3D models done by total n00bs; stunning landscapes with amazing parallax effects; beautifully animated spinning menus that won't make you dizzy at all, based on the most basic 3D shapes available in Unity;

If you're not as excited as us to play this game, we don't blame you!

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